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Carbon Neutral Dance Costume Hire

Reduce your environmental impact by hiring your dance costumes from Costume Source.

A harsh reality

Each year the clothing industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than airline flights and shipping combined.

Most of a garment’s carbon emissions occur during production.

For each 1kg of fabric produced, an estimated 23kg of greenhouse gasses are released.

Buying dance costumes has a massive environmental impact:
costumes are bought, worn a couple of times, put in storage, and then thrown away to landfill.

This is bad for your pocket and terrible for the environment.

Extending the life of a garment has very little environmental impact - laundry is responsible for just 3% of a garment’s lifetime carbon emissions.

Leading the way

Hiring your dance costumes is better for the environment than buying them, but we take it even further!

Costume Source is the world's only Carbon Neutral dance costume hire company.

We reduce our carbon emissions in all aspects of the business as much as possible and then offset any emissions we can't eliminate.

This includes the initial production of every costume we own as well as all the shipping.

Nothing to Landfill

All our boxes and paper are from sustainable, well managed sources and are recycled and recyclable.

Our boxes are specially designed to use less material, be lighter and reduce the production emissions by 30%.

We only use paper-based packaging tape that is compostable and recyclable (no single use plastics like parcel tape here).

Our costumes and costume bags don't go to landfill - they get given a new life!

Costumes and costume bags get specially recycled and turned in to insulation for buildings.

Rather than turn them in to cups or pens (which have a life of a few days to a few months), building insulation has a lifespan of over 25 years. It also helps save energy and reduce emissions throughout its new life.

We plant trees

Each time you hire from us, we plant trees!

But it isn't just about trees. Local villagers in each location are employed to plant, maintain and nurture the trees.

This way of working starts by giving villagers a decent income and as healthy forests begin to emerge, the negative effects of deforestation start to disappear.

Communities benefit both in the long and the short term.

We plant trees for each booking

Since 2020 we have planted about {{ trees.planted ? trees.planted.toLocaleString('en-GB') : 0 }} trees!

Over to you

Whether you are actively trying to make a difference or just want to save some money...

Hire your dance costumes

Prices are for a 14 day hire unless otherwise stated and include VAT where applicable. Images are for illustration only. No accessories are included unless stated.

Meriton Foundry, Meriton Street, Bristol BS2 0SZ

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