Costume Source - The UK's leading dance costume hire company.

Costume Source - The UK's leading dance costume hire company.

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Reduce your environmental impact – hire your dance costumes

Each year, the clothing industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than airline flights and shipping combined.


Most of a garment’s carbon emissions (about 70%) occur during production. For each 1kg of fabric produced, an estimated 23kg of greenhouse gasses are released.

Buying dance costumes has a massive environmental impact. Costumes are bought, worn a few times, put in storage and then thrown away to landfill.

This is bad for your pocket and terrible for the environment.

Hiring your dance costumes is affordable and sustainable.

Keeping a garment going has very little environmental impact - laundry is responsible for just 3% of a garment’s lifetime carbon emissions.

Extending the life of a garment by just an extra nine months can reduce the carbon, water and waste impact of that garment by as much as 30%.


Although hiring your costumes already has very little environmental impact, at Costume Source we try and reduce this even further.

Costume Source is leading the way

Our electricity comes from renewable sources. The lights in our offices and warehouse are all low energy LED. All our boxes and paper are from sustainable, well managed sources and are recyclable. We only use paper-based packaging tape that is compostable and recyclable (no single use plastics like parcel tape here).

Even our mailing bags are made from sugar cane rather than plastic. That means they are compostable, recyclable and carbon negative - they absorb more carbon being grown than is produced making them.

All our old packaging and paper gets recycled and we never send garments to landfill.

But even all of this isn't enough! Each time you hire from us, we plant trees!

We plant trees for each costume hire booked.

Since 2020 we have planted about trees!

Whether you are actively trying to make a difference or just want to save some money, help do your bit and hire your dance costumes.