Costume Source - The UK's leading dance costume hire company.

Costume Source - The UK's leading dance costume hire company.

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Data Protection and Privacy


Our data protection policy is very simple:
We don't collect any personally-identifiable information about you unless you give it to us.

Information we or others collect

Browsing our site

By simply browsing our site, we do not collect any personally-identifiable information about you. We use the Matomo analytics platform to see how many people visit our site and how they use it. We use this platform as we control the data collected and it isn't shared to third parties. Data collected includes your ISP and approximate location, browser, device, screen resolution, pages visited and the first two bytes of your IP address. Cookies set by Matomo start with '_pk'. You can continue to use our site fully without being tracked by setting Do Not Track in your browser or using the link below. Data collected is only used internally and is not shared with third parties.

Apart from this, we store two cookies on your computer. One is a session cookie which allows you to use the shopping basket functionality of the site. The other is a CSRF token which allows us to protect and verify your session. Neither of these cookies contains any personal information.

Emailing us or enquiring about a costume

If you email us or use the contact forms, you will share with us certain information. This will include your email address and could also include your name and any other details you tell us within the message. Only key members of our staff can read these messages and we will only use the details you provide to enable us to fulfill your request (for example, giving you details about suitable costumes).

Subscribing to our Newsletter

If you subscribe to our Newsletter, you will share with us certain information. This will include your email address and your name. We will only use these details to send you our newsletters, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. We will not use these details for any other purposes. We use Sender to send our newsletters and by subscribing you will share with them your email address and name. You can see how they use your details here. We do not disclose any of your details to Sender unless you subscribe to our newsletter.

Hiring Costumes from us

If you hire costumes from us, we will collect personal information about you. This will include your name, your address and your email address. You may also tell us other details as part of the ordering process. With these details we might also store a record of correspondence we have had with you, invoices we issue (including when and how they were paid) and any items you order from us. We store this information securely within the EU and only key members of staff have access to it. We use the information to provide our services to you, keep you informed, and help us tailor our services better to the needs of our customers. Your name, address and posibly phone number will be shared with our couriers to allow them to deliver our costumes to you. We do not disclose any of your details to our couriers unless you place a booking with us.

Making a Card Payment

We use Stripe to take credit and debit card payments. If you pay us by card, Stripe will collect certain personal details about you. This can include your name, address, payment details and what you are buying. Stripe will share some of these details with other financial, government and law-enforcement organisations -for example your bank- to enable the transaction to go through. You can find out more here. We do not disclose any of your details to Stripe unless you initiate a card payment.

Disclosing your details to others

Your personal details are your property. Apart from the instances listed above, we do not disclose your details to anyone. There is a possibility we could be obliged by law to disclose information about you. This is highly unlikely as we hold very little personal information. If it did happen, we would fight the request as best as possible. If we were still obliged to comply, we would only disclose the bare minimum possible to comply.

Questions, requests and updates

If you have any questions about how your data is used, need to update any of it or would like a copy of the data we hold on you, please contact us.