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The top 3 reasons to hire your dance costumes

20th March 2018

Show coming up? Not sure whether to hire or buy your costumes?

Today we look at the three biggest advantages of hiring your dance costumes and see how it can actually make your production better and put you ahead of your competition.

3. Choice and Variety

When buying costumes for their dance show, most people come up against the same dilemma:

Do I get the right costume for this scene (and accept that I will probably never use it again) or do I get a more general costume I can use again and again (but that won’t be quite right for this scene)?

This is a hard choice and understandably most people taking the second option.

Let’s face it, if you are spending out a lot of money on new costumes, you want to be able to use them again and again to get your money’s worth! But then you have compromised, and you know that scene will never be quite as beautiful as it could have been.

At Costume Source, we spend tens of thousands of pounds each year refreshing our collection of costumes.

If you buy your own, you just can’t do this. You need to make your stock work hard so you end up using them every show.

This makes each production you put on look the same.

You work hard to put a production on. You spend weeks coming up with exciting choreography, your dancers spend months learning routines. The last thing you want is for all your hard work to be wasted because your audience starts recognising costumes that have been worn for your last five shows!

We invest heavily in new costumes, so our stock is always changing. We keep up with trends and ensure that we have the latest styles as well as timeless classics.

You are now free to concentrate on your exciting choreography, safe in the knowledge that we are able to supply you with fresh, beautiful and different costumes for each show you put on.

2. Storage

So the show has finished, the audience loved it, all your dancers have disappeared with a happy glow knowing they were great and you are left alone in a dressing room, surrounded by rails and rails of sparkly garments with only one thing on your mind:

Where do you put all these costumes?

There isn’t room in your studios, because well, you actually need to dance there. You don’t want them filling your hallway, and there isn’t room in your spare room.

That leaves the loft and the garage.

The garage is out as it gets a bit damp and you don’t want everything rotting.

The loft it is.

Then you start remembering all the important stuff you already have up there. You know, those things that just might come in handy one day – like your collection of VHS tapes.

You then remember that you aren’t exactly keen on the loft ladder and you’re not quite sure how those rails are going to fit through the hole anyway...

Of course, if you had hired your costumes from Costume Source, you would simply be putting everything back in the boxes we sent you and taking it all to the nearest Post Office. We even include pre-paid return postage labels. No more fights with the loft ladder for you – well, not until you need to get that VHS down...!

1. Cost

Let’s face it – putting on a show is not cheap. The cost of the venue, advertising, lighting, sound, props, helpers, the list goes on.

And then there are the costumes.

Purchasing costumes for a show can be the single biggest expense you will face.

A single costume, purchased new, costs on average £46 for a child and £67 for an adult. One three-minute routine with eight children in is going to cost about £368 (or a whopping £536 if they are adults). And that is just one scene, before you have paid out for everything else.

Of course you could get busy with the sewing machine and make your own. But that takes a lot of time, skill, and an endless supply of sequins. You have lots of other things to do and much better ways to spend your time.

Hiring your dance costumes from Costume Source is quick, easy and very affordable. Our costumes range from £1 - £7 for a fourteen day hire, with most costumes priced around the £5 mark.

That same 3-minute scene now costs you just £40 – a saving of over £300!

Now you can afford to have the best costumes for your show without having to put up ticket prices or making a massive loss.

Have a look at some of the fantastic costumes we have available to hire right now!

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