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Costume Source - The UK's leading dance costume hire company.

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The Dance Show Checklist

26th April 2019

The Dance Show Checklist

So your big show is approaching. You’ve decided on a theme, you’ve booked the venue, you’ve choreographed the routines, you’ve started selling tickets.

But what have your forgotten?

We’ve created a handy free checklist to help you!

We all know how stressful the run up to a show can be, so simply tick off each item on our checklist as you go. That way you can avoid nasty surprises on your big day.

Download our free Show Checklist

Another document that is really useful is our scene list.

Fill it in and give it to all your chaperones, dressers, crew, even the photographer!

There is a page for each scene, so they can see at a glance who should be on stage, what they should be wearing, what music is playing, etc.

Download our free Scene List

The Stage Manager’s Kit

The guiding force behind any great show is the Stage Manager, and we’ve spoken to one of the best!

Anne has stage managed shows all around the world including the West End and Broadway.

She’s agreed to share with us what she keeps in her kit – the things she never starts a show without.

You might not be about to take on the West End, but her list is a great place to start when you are wondering what you should be taking to the venue:

  • Script / score
  • schedule
  • blocking notes
  • notebook and pencils
  • rubber
  • pencil sharpener
  • Sharpies
  • scissors
  • highlighters
  • cast / crew phone list
  • sign in sheets
  • travel clock
  • stopwatch
  • gaffa tape
  • electrical tape
  • spike tape
  • cable ties
  • head torch
  • batteries (AA, AAA and 9v)
  • water bottle
  • baby wipes
  • safety pins
  • first aid kit
  • hair bands
  • hair grips
  • sewing kit
  • phone charger
  • mints
  • Paracetamol
  • freezer bags

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